I had to let go of my adventurous life

I have always been a very energetic and adventurous girl.
I loved sports, from cycling and swimming in the sea to extreme sports like skiing and snowboarding.
I studied abroad in Vienna and Munich and worked in New York, Sudan, and Berlin. I love to travel and discover new cultures.

Everything changed

I studied languages and had embarked on a budding career in marketing for start-up companies in Berlin, when one day in 2011, everything changed. I came down with a severe virus that lasted 2 months, and experienced problems with my immune system ever since, including constant infections, extreme fatigue, digestive troubles, migraines and many other disturbing and inexplicable symptoms.

“For four years I visited various specialists, and none could locate the problem”

My condition got worse until I could no longer work, even part-time. I read about chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E. online and realized that I had all the symptoms of this disease. By pushing for it, I eventually got a diagnosis, but no offer of treatment. So I began looking for a private doctor who could help me.

After a total of 6 years and many doctors making my condition worse by not knowing how to treat me, or telling me the illness was purely psychosomatic, I eventually heard about Professor de Meirleir’s work. I went to see him in Belgium and could not believe it – finally, a doctor who believed me, who understood my symptoms, who even knew the cause of them, and could offer a tailored treatment plan. It was inconceivable.


I began to see changes in my state almost immediately, following his treatment recommendations. Now, one year later, I am in a different place to where I was a year ago. I am in much less pain and can leave the house most days – I was previously bedbound. Already, I have been able to do some activities again for the first time in years, such as going on holiday. I am hoping to start a Master’s degree in the future.

Recovery is a slow process, and the Professor does not sugarcoat this fact, but his years of dedication to solve the complex heath issues of thousands of M.E. and Lyme patients gives me faith. Before I started his treatment I had no hope that my condition would improve, and imagined that I would have to live in this sorry state forever, but now I feel much more positive about my healing.

I am forever grateful for what the Professor has done to change my life in such a short space of time, and feel very lucky to be a patient of his.



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